0.79.1 Maintenance Release Notes


We recommend repository maintainers move to 0.79.1, which should be much easier to package. Details in the Packaging section below.

We recommend users of our zip, dmg, and Windows installer packages upgrade from 0.79.0 to fix some audio and usability bugs.

This maintenance release was made possible by everyone who tried 0.79.0, submitted bugs and pull requests, and tested the updates: thank you!

How to Upgrade

Download and launch the latest version:

At the DOSBox C:\> prompt, run: config -wc to upgrade your config file with the currently-supported settings.

Fixes and Regressions

Functionality Refinements

Translation Improvements

Wiki Updates since 0.79.0

Packaging Fixes

Packagers will get shared libs and installed resources with these standard steps:

meson setup --prefix /writable/install/path build
meson install -C build

Thank You

Thanks to our financial contributors who allow us to purchase hardware, licenses, and other non-trivial expenses to keep the team and project going.

To support our work, donate to our GitHub Sponsors or Open Collective.

We are grateful for all community contributions as well as the original DOSBox project, upon which DOSBox Staging is based.

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