0.75.2 Maintenance Release Notes

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Table of Contents

1. Summary

This is a maintenance release from the 0.75.x stable branch.

2. New Features in Detail

2.1. Select Monochrome Palette Colour

When emulating monochrome displays (via machine = hercules or machine = cga_mono), the default colour palette can now be set to either white, paperwhite, green, or amber in the configuration file, as follows:

monochrome_palette = amber

See: #607

2.2. Raw Mouse Input

User can enable this option to bypass the operating system's mouse acceleration and sensitivity settings. This works in fullscreen or when the mouse is captured in window mode.

Option can be changed in the sdl section of a configuration file:

raw_mouse_input = true

This option is disabled by default, but some games (e.g. FPS titles, like DOOM or Dark Forces) will work better with raw input enabled (especially when used with modern, very sensitive gaming mice).

See: #636

3. Bugfixes

4. Notes for Packagers

This release includes numerous fixes affecting our build system and other changes relevant for packaging (contributed by Gentoo packagers, and people preparing Debian, Fedora, and Flatpak packages) - prompt upgrade is recommended.

If you're packaging DOSBox Staging for your OS, we have a few tips:

To all our package maintainers: Thank you! :)

5. Contributors


Patryk Obara, kcgen, nemo93


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