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Windows builds

Windows 8.x or newer

Download DOSBox Staging 0.80.1 64-bit (Installer)
sha256: 94b961f397f3b70a13daf3b573857b5262515e75d490bfc19f019479fe1694f8

Download DOSBox Staging 0.80.1 64-bit (zip)
sha256: e7ab98013b55f6fd6db1f529574b8f2905d374225f532ce0905666281cbe32af

Download DOSBox Staging 0.80.1 32-bit (zip)
sha256: 63a8c5b084231364961f7c8b6415e44622c5ab9822e49839c2aca1bddd3a9459

Check out the 0.80.1 release notes to learn about the changes and improvements introduced by this release.


If Windows 8.x or Windows 10 prevents you from running DOSBox Staging via Microsoft Defender SmartScreen, see the section below.

Windows 7

For 64-bit Windows 7, use the 64-bit MSVC build. It can be optionally selected in the installer and is also available as a portable ZIP archive.

For 32-bit Windows 7, use the 32-bit MSVC build portable ZIP archive

Windows Vista

The official distribution packages only support Windows Vista up to version 0.78.1.

More recent releases can be built from the source by excluding FluidSynth and Slirp support. Please see the Windows MSYS2 build instructions for further details.

Hardware requirements

SSE 4.2 instruction set is required for version 0.75.1 or newer.

Development snapshot builds

You can always see what’s cooking on the main branch! 😎 🍺

These snapshot builds might be slow or unstable as they are designed with developers and testers in mind.

Microsoft Defender SmartScreen

You’ll need to do the following when launching DOSBox Staging for the first time (you’ll need to repeat these steps every time after having upgraded to a newer version).

Method 1

Start the application, then click on More info in the appearing dialog. Click the Run anyway button in the second dialog.

SmartScreen window 1

SmartScreen window 2

Method 2

In your installation folder, right-click on the dosbox.exe, select Properties, tick Unblock in the appearing dialog, then press Ok.

Properties window


Starting in Windows 8, Microsoft Defender SmartScreen’s pop-up encumbers the execution of newly-developed applications. To prevent this, developers are expected to pay Microsoft’s EV certification vendors a yearly fee and put the software on Windows Store.

As DOSBox Staging is a volunteer effort, we are not in a position to make such payments. We, therefore, ask users to manually unblock DOSBox Staging and be patient while Microsoft’s Application Reputation Scheme eventually whitelists DOSBox Staging.

Custom install parameters

The installer is built with Inno Setup. For the available command-line install parameters, please see Inno’s documentation page.

Older builds

Building from source

Of course, you can always build DOSBox Staging straight from the source.

Send us patches if you improve something! 😄