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Download DOSBox Staging 0.78.1 64-bit (zip)
sha256: 3c2f408125351154a37e93de8a4bd05d0c722bbf53e1f583909e4ca6c3eb9204

Download DOSBox Staging with built-in debugger 0.78.1 64-bit (zip)
sha256: b99f3c354f831ed2b0ed04d215170f696b6fc18285b0c7192c0abab62c41bbc8

If Windows 8.x or Windows 10 prevents you from running dosbox-staging via Microsoft Defender SmartScreen, see the section below.

Development snapshot builds

You can always see what's cooking on the main branch :)

These builds might be slow or unstable as they are designed with developers and testers in mind: download instructions for snapshot builds.

§ Microsoft Defender SmartScreen

Method 1

SmartScreen will allow you to run application, after you click on "More info":

SmartScreen window 1 SmartScreen window 2

Method 2

Right-click on "dosbox.exe" file distributed in the zip file, select "Properties", and then "Unblock".

Properties window


Starting in Windows 8, Microsoft's SmartScreen pop-up encumbers the execution of newly-developed applications. To prevent this, developers are expected to pay Microsoft's EV certification vendors a yearly fee and put the software on Windows Store1.

As dosbox-staging is a volunteer effort, we are not in a position to make such payments. We therefore ask users to manually unblock dosbox-staging and be patient while Microsoft's "Application Reputation" scheme eventually whitelists dosbox-staging (see: [2], and the last paragraph in [3]).

§ Older builds

Building from source

Of course you can always build dosbox-staging straight from the source. Send us patches if you improve something! :)

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