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Download DOSBox Staging 0.79.0 Universal binary (dmg)
sha256: 1678f7458acabecdaf2b49e0d95a20d057734898b70c29d4e845f52a1aa26d46

This package is compatible with macOS 10.15 (Catalina) or newer.

macOS uses its Gatekeeper feature to prevent users from running externally-hosted 3rd party software, such as DOSBox Staging. See the section below to learn how to fix it.


Homebrew package is compatible with macOS 10.14 (Mojave) or newer.

brew install dosbox-staging

Development snapshot builds

You can always see what's cooking on the main branch :)

These builds might be slow or unstable as they are designed with developers and testers in mind: download instructions for snapshot builds.

§ Apple Gatekeeper

Ctrl-click (or right-click) on DOSBox Staging app, and click "Open". Click "OK" to close the resulting message. After opening the app a second time (like above) Gatekeeper will show an "Open" button like this:

Gatekeeper window


Apple's Gatekeeper feature only permits the running of notarized software, one aspect of which involves developers making yearly payments to Apple.

As DOSBox Staging is a volunteer effort, we are not in a position to make such payments and therefore ask users to bypass Apple's Gatekeeper manually.

§ Older builds

Building from source

Of course you can always build DOSBox Staging straight from the source. Send us patches if you improve something! :)

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